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        From 2013 to present

        Global Development With Mining Industry As The Leader

        Based in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, the Group invested a number of projects in Singapore, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Philippineswith independent international project companies. The Group stepped into an internationalized and diversified development path involving financial investment, commercial & tourism, hotel operation, urban planning and operation, automobile industry etc.

        Mining industry domains, the future development of Shining Star Group. The Group actively responds to the "Belt and Road" Initiative and relies on China's advanced mining equipment and technology, as well as the advantages of human resources to expand mineral resources around the world. Mining investment companies have been set up in Hong Kong and Kunming, and have successively invested in Bolivia, Uganda,Myanmar and other countries.

        From 2008 to 2013

        Win-win cooperation

        Adhering to the concept of “combining with and seeking cooperation”, we have cooperated with a number of group companies and international designing teams to develop and construct several super-mass urban complex projects, especially in the education industry, medical industry, pension industry, cultural industry, Large-scale public facilities such as sports industry and tourism industry and supporting construction and operation.

        From 2003 to 2008

        Brand Management

        Multi-format development has been achieved in the fields of business, including hospitality, education, medical care, decoration, sports, tourism, and property management. In 2008, it won the honorary title of “China's leading real estate integrated operation professional brand”, and has been among the top 100 real estate brands in China for several years, becoming the “one-running banner in the regional industry.

        From 1998 to 2003

        Group Operation

        Established a group company, with real estate development as a lifting point, successively developed and built urban real estate projects such as Shining Star Building, Norwegian Forest Ecological Residential Community, California Maple Townhouse, Meishu Orange Western-style Residential Community, Dali Zhonghefang Villa, Meishu Star City, New Asia Athletics Park, etc. Won the honor of “China Famous Real Estate” and “The Most Favorited Real Estate”

        From 1993 to 1997


        Established a joint venture company of China and Hongkong, starting from decoration, and expanding and undertaking a number of decoration projects in Beijing, Shenyang, Qingdao, Kunming, etc., and thus won the highest honor in the decoration field such as “Luban Award” and “Taishan Award”. Lay a solid foundation for the development and operation of collectivization.

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